Ann (kaitou1412) wrote in little_details,

Roommates in the 1920s

My story is set in 1920s London, and I'd really like for two of my characters to be roommates, but I want to make sure that this is a plausible arrangement. I've googled many variations of 'living arrangements 1920s' but that sort of search tends to bring up apartment/flat searches for buildings from the 20s instead. (And Flapper House actually takes you to a Japanese Country Western Bar. I love you Google, but that's not helpful)

My characters are in their early twenties, single independent women...and because this is a wish-fulfillment comedy they're both fairly well off. I'm assuming by this point in history a flat would be more likely than a house, but that doesn't matter much to the story. I'm just concerned about whether or not this is a likely arrangement so I can get my characters into the city and away from their family's country manors.
Tags: 1920-1929, uk: history (misc), uk: london

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