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Coral jewelry and baking poison.

Well, I've gone to Wikipedia and Google for this with absolutely no luck, and the same for any encyclopedias I had on hand. Which is strange, because it strikes me as something that should be commonly known (except for me, of course).

1) Is coral jewelry waterproof? I know common sense dictates that it would be, but I know that some kinds of jewelry treatment can cause a material to be more susceptible to water damage, so I want to make sure. Answered!

2) Do cyanide and arsenic maintain the same potency as poisons at high temperatures? Or in context: if cyanide or arsenic was added to a food product (say, bread dough, or ground beef) prior to cooking/baking, would that food continue to be poisonous after it was done? Would the amount of poison affect this? The temperature used for cooking? Answered!

Any help is appreciated, thanks!
Tags: ~food and drink (misc), ~jewelry, ~medicine: poisoning

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