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Newly Ocuring Deafness in a Doctor

This is set in modern day America.

How would a newly deaf doctor start to deal? He's not in research, but not particuarily hands on unless he has to be, however he does have to communicate effectively with a few other doctors. He has the pretty much ultimate job security of his boss having a sort of father-son (and possibly more) thing for him, so he won't have any danger of losing his job, unless he really isn't able to do it, or be going to be able to do it in the foreseeable future.

He would obviously have to get training in communication, but would he have to go to  a school to do so? What would he learn? He obviously wouldn't go and come back knowing perfectly how to lip-read and sign, but how much *would* he learn? How long would it take for the guy to get something of a handle on how to communicate? The person in question is pretty intelligent. It wouldn't be implausible for his boss to know some ASL, or at least have some experience communicating with the Deaf, but the person himself isn't American, so it's not at all likely that he would know ASL before this.

Obviously there would still be a learning curve after he got the initial training and started to be able to communicate somewhat effectively, going back to work, and learning how to communicate with his boss and coworkers and especially patients.

Mostly, just what would the initial rehabilitation and occupational therapy process be like, and what would the continuation of that process be once the character gets at least partially back to work?

I personally am starting to lose some hearing, enough that conversations are often hard to follow, so I understand a good bit about the frustration and issues the character is going to go through, but the actual process of learning how to function when suddenly completely deaf is what I don't know much about.

Research: Googled things like "newly deaf", "deaf getting back to work", "deaf learning to communicate" but I mostly just got stuff on Deaf rights, and deaf children.

EDIT: The character in question is not a candidate for cochlear implants or hearing aides. He doesn't have to do patient examinations for his job, he just has to be able to communicate with his co-workers and patients to talk to them about treatment/illnesses/etc...
Tags: ~deaf/hard of hearing, ~medicine (misc)

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