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Current California laws and how they apply to teenagers

I've got lots of questions on four topics. Firstly, if a seventeen year old boy were listed in his mother's will, could the information be kept from him by his father? If he found out that he had been listed in the will, could he discover its contents somehow? Would he have a legal right to that information?

If another person besides the kid's father was given the responsibility of watching over the money until the kid is eighteen, would the father have any right to it?

Given California's community property rights, would a woman have the right to include half of everything she and her husband jointly owned in her will, or just the things solely in her name?

Secondly, if a person has a life insurance policy and dies by suicide, does the policy still pay out to the relatives? If a body hasn't been found, but there's video evidence of the person, for instance, jumping off a bridge, would the life insurance still pay? Is that kind of visual evidence enough to get a certificate of death?

Thirdly, I found a website on emancipation laws. It said that "If you don't want to tell your parents about the petition, tell the court ALL your reasons. You can ask the court for permission to not tell them." What sort of justification would a judge tend to find reasonable?

Lastly, I need to know what the burden of proof and statute of limitations is on (non-sexual) child abuse in California. Is the victim's testimony enough? In what light would photographic evidence of injury be looked upon?
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