Erin (natane) wrote in little_details,

Bullets & magnets

This may be the oddest question I've ever asked.
I've been trying and trying to work on a plot point for a while, then had a dream last night that maybe solved it... assuming the idea makes sense.

Let's say someone gets shot in soft tissue - the thigh in this case. The bullet goes most of the way through and is then lodged close to under the skin on the opposite side of the leg it went through.

First, would you be able to see a bruise/marking on the side of the leg that had not been punctured? I would assume after a few minutes, yes, considering the trauma to blood vessels etc. in the area.

Second, could you use a really freaking strong magnet to pull the bullet closer to the surface of the leg, and then remove it? (And we're going to assume that it's some sort of bullet with steel in the composition, so please no "Lead isn't magnetic" answers)

I'm assuming the chances of the bullet lodging in such a manner are pretty high in the first place, but this would be a perfect situation for my character to get injured.
Tags: ~medicine: injuries: gunshot wounds, ~metals, ~science: physics, ~weapons: firearms

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