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Spanish holiday location

I'm trying to pick a place for my characters to go on holiday.

1) I want the country (at least where they land) to be Spanish-speaking

2) After a day in town, I want them to take off through the forest/jungle (or by boat) to spend the time camping/fishing somewhere completely private (they are used to roughing it -snort, to put it mildly-, so safety and ability to hike is no issue) but no further than a day from civilization (I want them to spend most of the time in one place, not 'en route')

3) I'm picturing their camp area being by water (preferably ocean.. but.. actually.. that's not *that* locked in stone) where they could swim and spend lots of time just laying on the sand relaxing, but utterly isolated/private enough to walk about in the buff when it gets really hot, but with the edge of a forest/jungle behind them to have some a) real privacy b) shade

I had originally liked Los roques, except that all the islands look like they are utterly bare of trees...

Looking at the sat map, noticed the Orinoco has deep greenery going down to the ocean... anyone know of any ocean-access, swimable, area that isn't overrun with tourist? lol, *or* locals.

Any help/ideas appreciated, thanks!
Tags: central america (misc), south america (misc)
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