Ossobuco (peacebone) wrote in little_details,

Mail delivery and arrival times in Berlin

At what time of day is the mail typically delivered to a person's residence in Berlin? I assume it varies a bit based on location, but is there a range of times during which it'd be expected? Is the timing fairly regular at a given location, or does it vary day to day?

Time period: Sometime this decade; the setting is not more specific than that.

Googled/researched: mail delivery in Berlin, mail delivery times in Berlin, post arrival times in Germany (and several variations on/combinations of those), what time does mail arrive in Berlin... after a point, I wasn't sure what to search for at all to get specific information. So far, I've found information on how long it would take to send a letter/package from somewhere else to Berlin, but nothing as to what time mail is actually delivered each day.

Thank you very much in advance!
Tags: germany (misc), ~postal service
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