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Slash wounds to the side

Hi :) This community has helped me a lot just by browsing through it (I'm a newcomer to its pages and a new member period) so I'm hoping that you wonderfully intelligent people can help me with a question of my own.

The setting of my story is a scifi/fantasy; for the following question, magic as a factor is very possible, however, the magic-users in the story are also rather out of commission at the point of the event. I read the rules, and I'm not sure how descriptive violence has to be before it's put behind a cut, so just to be safe, I'll shove it back there.

So, my character is basically fighting this mech (I'll call it a mech or a machine for the sake of time; it's the fourth book and would be extensive to explain the circumstance) which has four sharp claws in the same arrangement as a human's digits would be. I would give you a length and a type, but that's kind of part of my question.

The idea for this scene (and this question) sprang from a book I read in which a character gets slashed in the side, I am assuming in the same spot which I am about to describe. The character begins hemorrhaging and a doctor taking care of him says that a major artery was slashed.

This was what I had planned for my character, but looking up arteries in this particular area turned up fruitless (I found the celiac artery, but to me it doesn't seem to be in the correct place) or maybe I just fail at reading technical jargon. The area I'm thinking of is the part of your waist just above your hip. (I know only high school anatomy, by the by. Could you guess?) Basically, if you look from the front, the wound would seem to go from maybe three-four inches to the side (left) of the bellybutton and around the side (not far).

The character gets slashed by the four claw/talon/knives in this area. I leave the implemented tool so vague because I'm not quite sure what sort of tool would be required to cause the injury. I think it's safe to say that they are knifelike and not serrated.

So finally, I get to the question[s]. I'm sorry if that was confusing, I'll be happy to clear it up more if that's the case. Anyway: 

+ What sorts of medical trauma would occur, or what organs/arteries would be affected by four slash wounds (again, about the distance apart of human fingers, but the claws themselves are larger) in this area?
+How deep would the wounds have to be to cause this trauma or hemorrhaging? (It is important that the character lose blood in large amounts and quickly.)
+Would the hurt artery (assuming it's there) need to be severed to hemorrhage, and in this case, would prompt medical care assist, such as the application of sutures?

I hope you guys can help me :) I googled major arteries, artery in the side, major artery in the abdomen, and general anatomy of arteries and other such terms along this theme. (I was mostly looking to see whether there actually was an artery in the area spoken of.)

Edit: Ran through and made some small edits. I think I should've looked this over more before I posted it...but at least I'm catching this stuff before anybody comments. :) One thing I want to make clear is that it is perfectly fine if the character is unlikely to survive this wound (he's gotten himself outta worse fixes). But I need it not to be 100% fatal because he is, well, mortal.
Tags: ~medicine: injuries: stab wounds

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