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Human Branding on the hip

Setting: Fantasy land, equivalent to 13th-14th century Europe

Available help: Herb women, Earth-mages (who Heal, magically)


I have a woman. She's 5'5, about 150lbs (I'm telling you this, because I want you to have a good view of her). She's well fed, well cared for, doesn't work hard physically, and is a noblewoman.

What I need to do is scar her hip by branding. The scar needs to fade to slightly raised white lines, and not impede her mobility. I don't mind it giving her gip when the weather's cold/damp, but it can't be an ongoing problem.

When they brand her, she'll be held still by ropes stretching her arms over her head, and her legs held in stock-like hobbles bolted to the ground. Plus guards to make sure the brand takes.

I need to know:

- What type of metal (and thickness) could be used.

- How long should the metal be held on there?

- Is there a "right" type of fire to be used? Right now, I'm leaning toward a blacksmith's portable brazier, with bellows, but if there's something else to be used, then please, suggest it.

- Anything else you can think of to tell me that I'm forgetting?

Search terms:

Branding, human branding, scarification,, branding +hips, burning skin, and a few others, I can't recall.

Edit: Also, what difference would weight loss make? Eventually, she's going to become thinner, far more wiry (My notes describe her as muscle and tendons over bone). How would that effect the appearance of the scar?
Tags: ~body modification (misc), ~medicine: burns & smoke inhalation, ~medicine: historical

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