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Shipwreck accounts (and a random train travel detail)

Setting : mid 1920s, Cornwall (specifically the south coast around Falmouth, but only because I know the geography of the coast and the rocks and where the lifeboat station is), ship going down in a storm and the lifeboat coming out to rescue the crew.

nano time is on us once again. and I've got the talent be stuck somewhere nowhere near a library - I can get to bookshops, though, but due to the postal strike amazon and internet ordering is right out.

I've searched on shipwrecks of the time and area, and know what lifeboats and resources were available to the lifeboat crews. My problem is that I can't find any accounts - first person or otherwise - of what a shipwreck/boat going down in a storm and getting rescued (or not) is *like*, and what happens. The only descriptions I can find are modern-day news reports or wartime (historical or modern), and all of those have either been short one paragraph affairs or more concerned with the guns going off.

I'd be happy with any type/size of boat, from fishing vessels to steamship to sailing ships, all of which there're records of foundering off the cornish coast in the 1920s.

Other question : valet accompanying a gentleman and his wife on a visit to Cornwall. they're getting the train down from the Home Counties (it takes about half a day). the question is, where would the valet be for most of this ride? Gentleman + wife are in first class, natch, but would the valet be in third or first to attend to his employers?
Tags: 1920-1929, ~boats and other things that float, ~servants/slaves, ~travel: ground & rail, ~travel: sea travel

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