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Police Procedure in Colorado

I've recently been directed to this community as a great resource, so I'm trying you out. I am editing a manuscript, and am unsure about the validity of the procedures the author has used.

Time line and location: Current Day - Colorado

I need to know the police procedure in a murder investigation under the following scenarios:

1). If the DNA of a person is found at a crime scene (serial murder), is
this sufficient to arrest them? (in this book - person was brought in for
questioning - gave an alibi - and was released, but watched).

2). If later, while released this person eludes police and during that time
another murder is attempted - would that person then be arrested? There is
nothing to link him to this particular crime other than a description -
which is not convincing. If this person refuses to give information about
an alibi, could then be held and for how long?

3). If they ARE held as indicated in #2, and another murder is attempted -
shining light on the possibility that they are not the murderer - would then
they have to be released?

3). If an officer goes to a house that has been left empty and abandoned - and finds a
back door kicked in - and it is thought there 'may' be some helpful evidence
there to assist them in locating a murder suspect (not the one described
above but their twin), may the officer enter the building without warrant?

I attempted Wiki and Google searches, but none of the information I found was specific enough to confirm for me how the scenario should go.

Thank you.
Gail R. Delaney
Desert Breeze Publishing
Tags: usa: colorado, usa: government: law enforcement (misc)
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