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Can a large man survive a harpoon through the stomach?

Googlefu: “harpoon through the stomach”, “can you survive a harpoon through the stomach?”, “harpoon casualties”, “death by harpoon”. Have also looked up information about the large man mentioned in the subject line on Wikipedia, and made a few BMI calculations through a google-search.

Context: I'm writing a story set in the modern day, on a planet not unlike our own. The story in question is catalyzed by a prestigious villain for a long-running game series being attacked by sentient robots he made in a television cartoon considered by many to be Dis Continuity (hint: see icon). The villain in question stands at 185cm high and weighs 128kg (282lb), making a BMI of 37.4, which is apparently considered to be at obese level; also, going by the dates I'm working with, he is currently in his late 40s.

Query: Would a man with such a BMI survive a harpoon being shot through his stomach combined with multiple punches and attacks on the body by the aforementioned robots? If not, would it necessarily be the harpoon that kills him or the physical violence? Or if so, would the injuries inflicted on him be permanent, or at least long-lasting?

Thanks in advance for the help! 

EDIT: Thank you all for your insight and stuff; you've helped me decide where I'm going to take this thing now. =)

Tags: ~medicine: injuries (misc), ~medicine: injuries: stab wounds

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