rachel (rachelmap) wrote in little_details,

My question: is it an infraction or a misdemeanor for a witness to leave the scene of a serious crime without giving a statement to the police, or is it not an offense at all?

I'm writing a story set in the Buffyverse in which one character (A) saved another character (B) from a vampire attack. A dusted the vampire while B was unable to see what was going on, so B has no idea about the true nature of her assailant. After the vampire was dusted, B told A that she was going to go get the police, and that he should not go anywhere until they come. After B left, A, not wanting to explain to the police about vampires, left the scene also. When B described her assailant to the police, it turned out they were already looking for him (they think he's a plain old serial killer). Upon arriving on the scene a few minutes later, the police discovered A that had left. Of course, they weren't happy about that, but can A be charged with anything for avoiding making a statement to them?

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