Agent Tomato (agent_tomato) wrote in little_details,
Agent Tomato

Recovery from Hamstringing

Setting: A fictional New England city (somewhat analogous to Boston) in the late 1990s.  Some sci-fi elements, but none of them tied to medicine.
Searched: "hamstringing," "hamstringing humans," "hamstringing recover," et cetera.  Found a lot of metaphors about declawing cats, and a few death metal bands. 

Scenario: A seventeen-year-old Scottish woman, not very athletic but in good health, is attacked on the street.  The first thing her attacker does is hamstring her with a very sharp knife.  This is the only injury she receives to her legs.  After about ten minutes of receiving numerous slashes to the face and arms, resulting in serious blood loss but not unconsciousness, she kills her attacker and drags herself a short distance before collapsing.  She is found a few minutes later by a doctor who has extensive experience in treating all manner of severe and bizarre injuries.  She receives whatever treatment would be expected for such injuries.

What will be the extent of her mobility?  I know hamstringing leaves serious damage, but will she be able to move her legs at all?  Could she get around on crutches or would she need a wheelchair?  Is there any chance of her being able to walk a few steps? 
Tags: ~medicine: injuries (misc)

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