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State vs Federal Penalty for trafficking in stolen goods

Googled: 1) (Which, if I'm reading it right, seems to have only the state penalties listed).

2) Penalties for selling stolen goods.

Also posted on fanfic_law and law_questions

I have a fence in present-day Manchester, NH who is being asked to purchase approx $300,000 worth of stolen gemstones. Problem is, the person trying to sell them is from out of state--which--if Wiki's right--makes it a federal crime. What sort of penalty is my fence facing if caught?

For background purposes (which I don't plan to include in the story), the fence is in his early 40s, has a criminal record--nothing violent, and has been in and out of jail since his teens. He has never been convicted of a federal crime, but could have been arrested for one and seen the charges thrown out due to a technicality or lack of evidence.

P.S. If the link I've posted is giving the federal penalties and they vary by state, for comparison purposes, what sort of time would the fence be looking at had the thief stolen them locally?

Tags: usa: government (misc), usa: government: prison

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