Zeus' Almighty Headache (kat_songs) wrote in little_details,
Zeus' Almighty Headache

in need of a timeline for military deaths

I'm writing a novel set in modern day Texas, in a small (read: tiny) town near Fort Hood.  At the start of the novel, the CNO, or Casualty Notification Officer, comes to the main character's home and informs her parents of her older brother's death overseas.  My question has two parts to it: how long a wait is it between the notification of death and the arrival of the body from Afghanistan, and from there, how long would it be before the funeral?

My research led me to this article on the duties of a CNO: www.gordon.army.mil/mpd/CAS/casualty_notification_officer.htm, and this article on Wikipedia about military funerals in the United States: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Military_funeral#Military_funerals_in_the_United_States.  I can't find anything that provides a general timeframe.  Any help would be wonderful.  Thanks!
Tags: usa: military (misc)

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