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Effects on the human body after a fatal fall

Setting: 1920's London, though I don't think that'll have much bearing here.

Question:In a short story I'm currently working on, a character falls from an extremely great height (roughly jet altitude, though this is achieved through magic rather than being in an actual plane) crashes through the roof and second-story floor of the house, and obviously does not survive the impact with the ground. Her body is discovered several hours later by another character, to whom this section of the story is sympathetic. My question is, what would the body look like after such an impact? Obviously she would not be in good shape but what, specifically, would have happened to her? Also, would her body be able to go through the second-story landing after the impact with the roof, or would it slow her descent enough to make that impossible?

Questions Googled: I was a bit of a loss as to how to go about this one. I tried "human body + impact with ground" "what happens to the human body when it hits the ground" and variations thereof and was not able to find anything particularly useful. I was not sure how to add in the necessary part about her crashing through the house. Any help on such would be great.
Tags: ~forensics: corpses, ~medicine: injuries (misc)

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