Sabrina (shail_666) wrote in little_details,

Limits of Paraplegia caused by Overdose

The fandom I'm writing for is set in the current time. Character A has become paralyzed from the waist-down due to an overdose. The drug in question has similar properties to meth, and it contains both butane and ethylene. Character A was exposed to the drug via IV for at least a 2 hours and was being held in Quebec, Canada.

I'm looking for information regarding paraplegia caused by overdose: although he is unable to walk and relies on a wheelchair to be mobile, will A also be unable to feel touches on his legs and by extension be able to have sexual intercourse? Is there a higher chance of recovery because there wasn't direct physical trauma(such as a fall, or a punch etc;) to his spine?

I know all of the above is still possible and that each case differs, but because drug-induced paralysis is rarer I can't find much about it.

Keywords I've used: Overdose + paralysis, drug-induced paraplegia, nerve damage + paralysis, recovery + paraplegia

I can find general information, but the specifics that I'm looking for is a little more difficult to find. Any help would be great, thanks!
Tags: ~medicine: overdose, ~medicine: paralysis
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