scully_208 (scully_208) wrote in little_details,

A woman's period in Victorian Era

I've tried googling this in a few different ways but can't seem to find much info.
Basically I wanted to write a scene in my victorian steampunk novel about my two princesses - the elder is 17 and the younger 13/14. In the story their mother is having an affair with a duke and lately the relationship with her daughters has also deteriorated. So when the younger daughter gets her period, she goes to her older sister to tell her about it rather than her mother.

What I need to know is, how did the victorian's view a woman's menstrual cycle?  I can't find out if they thought of it the same as it is today, where it's just thought of as a natural part of life so you deal with it and can usually talk about it comfortably. Or did they think about it differently? Will this scene actually work the way I want it to? Also what did they do in terms of cleanliness?

Thanks ahead of time, you guys are awesome here.
Tags: ~hygiene & grooming, ~victorian era
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