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Radio jargon/protocols for pilot shot down behind enemy lines

I'm doing some research for an RP character - an OC for a soft sci-fi fandom. They have giant robots, but the rest of their technology is pretty close to modern-day stuff (their military dudes are shown using two-way radios, driving jeeps/humvees, using conventional weapons like handguns and machine guns). When I intro my character to the game he's going to assume he's behind enemy lines and is going to attempt to radio for help.

- What sort of terminology would he use? How would he identify himself (rank+last name, a codename, serial number)? How would he identify the base he's trying to contact (and would it need to be a base, or could it also be an aircraft carrier or somesuch)? Is there a specific sort of phrasing he would use to say that he's behind enemy lines and needs to be extracted (would this be in some kind of code, for example)? If he can't get precise coordinates for his location, how would he convey this?

- What's the lowest rank required for a member of an air force to pilot a craft in combat situations? What would be a reasonable age for a person to attain this rank? Would the fact that the military is currently in the middle of a war and kind of scrabbling for personnel have any bearing on these factors? (Granted, since this is an anime fandom, and those are chock full of ridiculously young military personnel, I could probably BS this a little.)

- I am under the impression that pilots carry a side arm (probably a small semiautomatic pistol?) for situations like this - is this correct? I looked at Wikipedia's articles on side arms and service pistols, but they didn't clarify much.

- I'm toying with giving him some kind of injury (incurred during/after ejecting from his craft) that might slow him down a little without seriously hindering his movement. Suggestions for this would be nice, but I'm not married to the idea.

Resources used: checked out this comm's "usa: military" and "military: misc" tags and found this post about military radio transmissions, which helped out with some Google search terms; Googled "military radio codes," "air force radio codes," "military radio protocol" and similar; looked at Wikipedia's articles on the US Air Force, fighter pilots, and shot-down aviators. I know that some of the people in the latter category, such as Chuck Yeager and John McCain, have written books about their experiences in the military, but I have not had the opportunity to track them down (and am not sure they would contain the information I'm looking for anyway).

Thanks in advance.
Tags: ~military (misc), ~radio

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