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Loft Remodeling/Refurbishing in NYC

My MC owns a loft in NYC. Along the way, he meets, dates and marries his neighbor who owns the neighboring loft. They want to combine the two units into one larger unit. This would involve essentially tearing down the wall between, and in the process doing some other remodeling/rehab on the large unit. Dividing the space into a number  of rooms, adding a bathroom or two, buidling an actual second floor office space loft, new floors, paint etc.

If it matters, the original building was an early 20th century factory building turned into lofts. So the existing walls themselves aren't original to the building  so not stone/brick.

What I can't seem to locate and hoping someone can help on is approx how long this remodel would take? And how much it would cost? Finishes and such would be high end and nice, but not excessive. Money, within reason, would not be an issue.
Tags: usa: new york: new york city, ~architecture, ~home renovation, ~real estate

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