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Bastard Sword: how to carry and other questions

I am trying to write a fantasy story. Let's say the setting is early XVI century. My character, extremely strong, reasonably tall man, is carrying bastard or hand-and-half sword. I read a lot on the subject, in Russian and in English, from Wikipedia to ARMA to books about weapons that are available in Russian net (our libraries don't really have many of those). The information is plenty, but I either can't find precisely what I need, or find lots of different opinions. The more I read the more confused I am! 

1. What is the longest possible blade for bastard sword, before it becomes something like two-handed one?
(I heard an opinion that it should be more than 90 cm and less than 120 cm  - agree/disagree?)

2. Currently I have the blade's length at 3.5 feet. Plus long handle for one or two hands. How does my character carry it?
(Lots of people make fun of "long sword is carried behind the back is swiftly drawn" mistake. I don't want to do that. But what are the alternatives? It just seems weird to carry sword that long the usual way. But maybe not. Another variation: two handed sword could be carried on the shoulder. Did they carry bastard swords this way or is this ridiculous? And what does a character do when they enter the room with sword in hand then?)

3. When fighting with bastard sword in one hand, what weapon you can have  in other hand? I've heard of dagger, can it be anything else, something like mace? Or it is either dagger or shield? If so, can a character carry buckler (small shield for hand) in the city or would it be ridiculous?

Help with any of these questions would be very very appreciated.
Tags: ~martial arts, ~weapons: swords
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