Kiki Morah (cataglottisme) wrote in little_details,
Kiki Morah

Poison and antidote

I need help with a poison, and its antidote.

Setting is alternate universe, something like 18th century Japan / China. Lots of poisoning going around (poisoned blades, powders...), and extensive herbal therapy knowledge.

ETA : This is a for a fanfiction, and the author of the original work has taken many liberties with history and geography, so finding curare or belladona (or any other kind of poison / herbs) in the country is possible. Plus, the trade industry is very active, so pretty much anything existing can be found, as long as you have the money to pay for it.

For the poison, I was thinking of something like curare, which fits nicely the bill. It causes slow paralysis of the muscles, including diaphragm and tracheal ones, cue asphyxiation, since the respiratory muscles are not responding.
Could it be mixed with something else to induce loss of consciousness?
I read that curare antidotes are atropine ( found in belladonna) and neostigmine. Is it true? If so, it'd be helpful because atropine can induce dire hallucinations, amongst other things.

So, could it be realistic to have someone poisoned by something curare-ish, lose consciousness at an early stage (roughly 20 / 30 minutes after poisoning), and receive an antidote with atropine in it, which will stop the curare action, but will induce hallucinations?

Research : spent hours on wikipedia and googling medical / poisoning plants sites. I found a lot of things, but sometimes contradictory. And I'm nitpicking on a couple of details that are specific to the situation.


Tags: ~medicine: poisoning

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