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Young Pioneers/Komsomol in the 1970s

Setting: Moscow, 1973-1979 or thereabouts (AU, but not in a way that's particularly relevant)

Searched for: Lots of Googling on the Young Pioneers and Moscow in the 70s, which led to some pretty useful results but didn't answer everything. Also, I have a friend who was in the organization, but in the Ukraine and a decade later.

Our protagonist joins the Young Pioneers in 1973 at the age of 10, and later is recruited into the Komsomol at 15. My questions are:

1. How regular were meetings? Would they have been very structured, or more of a drop-in type thing?

2. My aforementioned friend has awesome stories about shooting off AK-47s at summer camp. Was this a common experience? If so, how significant a role did military training play?

3. The character has a somewhat famous last name and is from a aristocratic family that fell on hard times before the Revolution. His family since then have been good little Soviet citizens; would he still be under an unusual amount of suspicion or otherwise given a hard time?
Tags: 1970-1979, russia: history
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