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ER nurse; responsibilities, training, title

Location: Massachussetts/East Coast, USA
Time Period: Now-ish

I have a character who works in a Massachusetts ER as a nurse, mostly evening and overnight shifts, and I have some specific questions regarding what his standing/responsibilities would be.

1) To be a mid-to-high level nurse in the ER, what sort of nursing license would he need? RN, NP, one I'm not thinking of right now? I'm sort of assuming RN, but I'd like to be certain. And if he went into nursing once he graduated high school, how many years would he have to be in school to get it?

2) What are the responsibilities of a trauma nurse? Do they just do documentation, are they the ones responsible for starting IVs and giving shots? Are they ever called on to stitch up or patch up a patient on their own? What is a "typical" shift for an ER nurse like, considering there's rarely typical shifts in the ER?

3) Since he's a male nurse, are there responsibilities that would specifically go to him? I'm sort of thinking things like "pinning down an uncooperative patient" and such, but I mostly want to know if there's anything that may possibly come up due to his gender.

4) What's the general opinion nowadays of male nurses? Are there prejudices against them? Do people assume things about their sexual orientation? Are they starting to be more common in hospitals? I've heard of comments like "Nursing's for girls, why aren't you a doctor?" and "He's a male nurse. Must be gay," but I think those date mostly from the 90's, so I'm not sure if it applies anymore. Anecdotal comments much appreciated!

Research done: My Google-Fu is sort of failing on this. I've Googled various combinations of nurse responsibilities/emergency room nursing/male nurses, and while I've found general information, I haven't found a whole lot of anecdotal or detailed information on the subject. The best I've come up with were one or two "day in the life" articles by female trauma nurses, and a blog by an ER nurse in California, so I have some idea, but I'd like some more anecdotal information specifically pertaining to male nurses if at all possible.

Thank you in advance! :D
Tags: usa: health care and hospitals, usa: massachusetts, ~medicine: medical education

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