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Hotels in Wichita, KS in the 1880s

Setting: 1880s Kansas. The stage has stopped for an overlay in Wichita and the female main character is seeking a place to have lunch, bathe, and change her clothing. She's fairly affluent and so would not choose one of the lower class hotels or saloons nor would she use the depot facilities, if they had them.

Search terms: hotels Wichita KS 1880s

I found a lot of links with modern travel information, one link on particular buildings, and the Wikipedia page which had only a small sliver of history and nothing about the layout of the town.

Links: Harvey Houses, Cowtown Museum, 1880 Wichita census (note that they do list several occupations as working in hotels, so I know there was at least one there), Historic Sites of Wichita, KS (there were four articles here, but if a hotel was mentioned I missed it), and Wichita, Kansas.

I also thumbed through Dee Brown's "The American West" but found no such references either.

I'm looking for the name of a decent hotel which would have been in operation during this time period.
Tags: 1880-1889, usa: history: old west, usa: kansas, ~travel: hotels motels & hostels, ~travel: pre-modern overland

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