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Experiences with The Green Man pub in London

Setting: urban fantasy set partly in modern day London; my characters can cross between the mortal world and the otherworld, and the doorway to the otherworld needs to be in the City of London, near the original site of the Mithraeum.

I've already decided that the doorway is in The Green Man pub in No. 1 Poultry, and I've found a bit of information on the pub itself and a few reviews, but not enough to flesh out the little details. Has anyone ever been to this pub, particularly at lunchtime on a weekday? What is the clientèle like? Mostly business people? What kind of food would they serve?

I'd really appreciate any information on The Green Man, or failing that, any pub in the City of London. Having never been there myself, I'm not entirely sure what the experience is like.

I also read that an older pub used to stand on that corner, also called The Green Man. I'm having trouble finding any information, though, on when that pub was built and what was there before it. Does anyone know, or can you point me toward a source that might help?

Thanks in advance!
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