the variable fictionalization device (custardpringle) wrote in little_details,
the variable fictionalization device

Life as a minor Broadway performer

Setting: USA, 1972

Hey! andersonmom was in here the other day asking about Broadway actors, but she seemed to be mainly interested in lead actors. I, however, have a character who can sing and dance very well but isn't so great an actor, and therefore-- while he can get a pretty steady line of roles-- they're all in the chorus, or bit characters at best.

What input can you offer on what this would be like for him, little_details, just in general? Would he need a theatrical agent to get auditions? (I've been assuming yes, but comments to andersonmom's post suggest not). Do auditions work the same way for chorus parts as for named characters? Would he be union? How good a living would he make doing this? Anything else I ought to keep in mind?

Also, suppose the guy is injured-- not a dancing injury, if that matters, he's hit on the head during a mugging-- and requires time off. My guess is that, as a member of the chorus, he'd be pretty easily replaceable in that case; would he be able to return to that show at the end of the time, or need to go auditioning again?

Thanks :D
Tags: usa: new york: new york city, ~theater

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