etherati (etherati) wrote in little_details,

French translation needed

Setting: Late 1860s, New Orleans, French Quarter
Research: Not sure how to research a translation other than to hope to find someone who speaks the language.

Looking for a translation in French for the word 'crossroads' - preferably a dialect that would be appropriate to the setting, but barring that, I'd be grateful for even a meaningful and accurate translation into standard French. Looking for something that carries both the meanings the phrase does in English, ie both a physical meeting of roads and a turning point in someone's life.

Alternately: If there is anyone out there who is proficient in Louisiana Creole, that would also work, but I'm aware that's a bit of a long shot.

Thank you in advance; I've only just found this comm and it looks like a wonderful resource.
Tags: usa: louisiana, ~languages: french

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