Robert Di Ammazzi ✖ Death (animus_nocendi) wrote in little_details,
Robert Di Ammazzi ✖ Death

College 1980s

Edit: Thank you to everyone who replied! I got a lot of useful information!

So, since I was born in the 80's, my knowledge of college is only relative to 2002 and on. Google tells me almost nothing on the subject. I've tried "college dorms 1980's" and "columbia university 1980".

So, here's my question. What was college like in the early 80's (80-84). If you have info on the late 70's, I'll gladly take that, too. I'm looking specifically at Columbia but if that's too specific, I'll take whatever you have. I'd like to know things like student life outside of classes, i.e. did they party like kids do now with keggers and such?, were dorms co-ed (I've seen that even some rooms were co-ed), etc.
Tags: 1980-1989, usa: education: higher education

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