The Matrix Refugee (matrixrefugee) wrote in little_details,
The Matrix Refugee

Good versus better-winning poker hands

Background: Character K, a cocky double (triple? quadruple??) agent, is consulting character E, an international financier who's also a broker of information, for some sensitive data. E is a manipulative bastard and has challenged K to a poker game, the stakes being if K wins, K gets the information no strings attached, but if E wins, he (K) has to spend the night with E before he can get that information. E hasn't revealed all the stakes, but K has an inkling that E has less than honorable intentions toward him.

Now, what would be a good hand for K to get that would make him think "I can't possibly lose this", only to have the rug pulled from under his feet when E smirks and lays down his own hand, which is even better than K's?

Googled and Wiki'ed poker hands, and it's rather dizzying.
Tags: ~games

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