strawberry pavlovna (alldoubtaboutit) wrote in little_details,
strawberry pavlovna

Secluded spot for making out in Los Angeles

Hello all, I am looking for a secluded spot in Los Angeles to set my fic in.

The location needs to be somewhere my characters can park a car in at approximately 2am in the morning. I'd love for it to be a beach but from what I've found, most beaches close at sunset.

From research I've found out about the Temescal Canyon Overlook and Mulholland Drive, but I got the idea that these places are frequented by couples looking to do the deed and I'd love a place where there would be absolutely no other people to bother them.

So to summarize, I need a place

-in Los Angeles
-where a car can park at 2am
-and secluded

It would be lovely if the location had
-a great view
-or a beach of some sort
but that is optional.

Thank you so much for any help!

edit: How does the Redondo and Torrance (RAT) Beach fare? Is it closed at night?
Tags: usa: california

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