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Common philippine ant species

Hey guys,

I'mm writing a story based on a particular Filipino myth. In Filipino folktale, ant mounds are attributed to the dwende, or dwarves, and people have to politely ask permission to step by, or risk falling ill. The story is set in the Spanish era of the Philippines, roughly in the 18th to 19th century (I still only have the broad details of the story!)

I've been googling madly all afternoon and going gaga. 8} I'm looking for information on common native ant species in the Philippines, particularly those that do inhabit human gardens and build the mounds that could be attributed to the dwende of Filipino myth.

I've found antweb, which is a great sight for detailing a lot of ant species and photographs, but not so great for finding out what I need. I've also found discoverylife, which does talk a little about ants and where they nest, as well as providing information on where they can be found. It does mean having to click on every single link, and I'm still not sure which species are the ones I'm looking for. I've also found antforum, and while some threads do talk a little about Philippine ants, it's not in the detail that I need.

Googled: Philippine ant species, black ants philippines, common ant species philippines, dwende myth ant species, ant mounds species philippines, ant species manila.
Tags: 1700s (no decades given), 1800s (no decades given), philippines (misc), philippines: folklore, philippines: history, ~animals (misc)

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