Wallwalker (wallwalker) wrote in little_details,

Feeling someone's pain

This is a strange question and I'm not sure how to ask it, so bear with me.

When I hear about someone being hurt, or see someone who has an obvious physical injury - a missing arm or foot, a scar on their face, whatever - I almost always feel pain myself. It's usually a sort of throbbing pain that creeps up through my legs, no matter where the injury I've see was. It's happened all of my life, and I've never thought to ask if anyone else experienced it the same way until I pondered incorporating that detail into a story.

So, does anyone know a medical or official name for that sort of pain? ("Sympathy pain" is the best I can think of.) And where do people commonly feel it? (I've talked to a couple of other people. One said that she felt in in her chest; the other on his face.)

I'd appreciate links to official journals about this. Regular search engines aren't helping much.

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