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Some quesitons about skin injuries&recovery: skin grafts vs artificial skin?

Fic fandom: Criminal Minds
Setting/time: Current day, United States (Actually, noting the setting, is there possibly a certain hospital in the Quantico area that FBI agents would use. o_0 (minor query))

What I've done so far: I've skimmed through Wikipedia's "Skin" page and read more in-depth on the epidermis and dermis sections. I've also looked at the artificial skin and skin grafting pages. Oh, and skin repair.

Question: My character has just been recovered from a kidnapping during which her endured torture. The major injury here is that the perp skinned a large portion of my character's forearm. From what I can gather, this probably involves going down to at least to the first layer of dermis. (Anyone know about skinning from hunting or something? This isn't as important to me, but I am curious...)

Now the main issue. If my character has a 3-4-inch long area, which wraps around the forearm, that would need repair... what type of treatment am I looking at? How available is artificial skin and will it be appropriate to this situation? I realize there's various types of skin grafting, but given the possibly large area to cover, would this be a viable option?

Also important: * Recovery time? * When does skin "replacement" take place? Is it something that must be done right away? * How is the fresh injury treated? Would the arm be wrapped in bandages, covered with some ointment...?

Thanks so much in advance to anyone who can help with any portion of this post. Apologies for just how long this is!
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