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Baggage and Private Jets

Okay, here's the situation:

A party of people disembark a private Learjet at a small but International airport.

* Do they disembark on the tarmac and walk into the airport?

* Do they pick up their luggage inside the airport, or is it taken off the plane on the jetway?

* If they have official clearance, do they need to pass through Customs and Security with it in order to leave?

In my experience, small planes load and unload on the jetway. I've always walked to and from small aircraft, and either carried my own baggage or had it brought to and from the airport on a cart (from which I had the option of grabbing it myself). I flew in a small plane from Belgium to Scotland. I've never flown in a Learjet, though, and although my characters are carrying weapons, I myself have not (nor am I an international law-enforcement agent).

Anybody know?

Thanks in advance!
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