Renee Carter Hall (poetigress) wrote in little_details,
Renee Carter Hall

West Virginia saying about water

In Jane Yolen's book Take Joy, she says this: "In my husband's home county of West Virginia, they say water is pure after it has flowed over twenty-one stones." I liked this idea and have wanted to use "Twenty-One Stones" as the title of a poetry collection.

The problem is, after doing various Google searches on West Virginia sayings, West Virginia sayings about water, twenty-one stones, 21 stones, and so on, I can't seem to come up with anyone else documenting this type of saying. I'd like to have more than just Yolen's quote if possible, since she doesn't even name the county involved (and it may be more of a regional thing and less specific to one county, I don't know). Has anyone ever heard this or anything like it? (Also, if anyone knows of other LJ communities that deal with this sort of question, where I could cross-post this, that'd be great too.) Thanks!
Tags: usa: west virginia, ~quotes, ~water

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