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Durability of glass as an under-sea construction material

My Story: I'm writing a fantasy story that features beings who live under the ocean but can spend time on land as well. I've been brainstorming what types of undersea homes/buildings/furniture, etc. they might use.

My problem: I really like the idea of these beings using glass to build many of their buildings and furniture, and I know glass must have significant resistance to saltwater corrosion because it is used in aquariums, glass bottomed boats, submersible vessels/exploration probes, etc. But I'm sure that after centuries the salt water will have some corrosive effects on the glass.

I'm having trouble finding concrete time lines for how long glass will resist the corrosive effects of salt water, and what types of glass are more resistant to corrosion.

I don't want to just fall back on the "it's magic glass" fantasy excuse. I'd like to know the real science before making my final world-building decisions. I want to know how long glass windows, tables, art objects, skylights, etc. would be able to last under the sea without showing signs of corrosion.

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