Skazka (supercrook) wrote in little_details,

Blindness and hallucinations

I've got a character ((about 40 years old, male, in the hospital for medical treatment for another injury) who was blinded, a few years before the story takes place. This was the full, literal removal of both eyes during torture, and though the resulting injuries have been treated, it's not like his sight's just diminished over time. Would he experience hallucinations differently? From what I've read, it seems like blind people (especially those who've been seeing much of their lives) are just as capable of visual hallucinations, but I'd prefer to be sure. These hallucinations are caused by a combination of what Wikipedia would like to call phantom eye syndrome and sleep deprivation.

Secondly, if there's phantom pain accompanying these hallucinations, what medication would likely be prescribed for treatment?

Terms Googled: "blindness + hallucination", which got me some interesting info on Charles Bonnet Syndrome, but not what I needed; "phantom eye syndrome"; as well as "hallucination" in general.

ETA: This story's set in the modern day, and in a fairly well-stocked, up to date hospital. Most/all of what he's prescribed will be covered by his employer. It totally slipped my mind that this would me majorly important, my apologies.
Tags: ~blindness, ~psychology & psychiatry (misc)
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