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State Championships & Prom in 1990 San Francisco Bay Area

Setting: San Francisco Bay Area (Castro Valley), Spring 1990
Research: Not Google-able, as far as I could tell

My character is a high school senior in the aforementioned setting, and she's talking to an older friend about going to prom. My question is this: would she be calling it "prom" or "the prom?" Her exact lines, in case sentence structure makes a difference, are, "I mean he asked me to [the] prom, which I guess means..." and, "I really wanna go to [the] prom." Answers regarding any location during 1990 are good, but answers from the Bay Area would really help.

Also, as long as I'm here, I have another question regarding terminology/slang. A few months earlier, the same character's volleyball team went to compete in the state championships. Would she refer to it as "states" or something else?

Thank you!

Edit: Thanks again for your input, but I'd like to emphasize that I'm really interested in answers specific to the early 1990s rather than the present day.
Tags: 1990-1999, usa: california, usa: education: high school

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