Emily (emiliglia) wrote in little_details,

Doctors enlisting in the US Army during WW2?

I know that doctors would go through the DCO program, but could they go through OCS anyway? I'd tried searching a few different things and couldn't find anything. Could I assume that DCO is more recruitment and a doctor could go through OCS if he chose to? I'm thinking of the character going to OCS in the summer of 1941, when it started and before the US's involvement in the war, so maybe they didn't even have a DCO program until '42? Any information would be helpful!

Also, anyone know how being a regiment's doctor/surgeon would work? Would the doctor travel with the regiment and headquarters, or would they be stationed somewhere safer and not at all near the line?
Tags: 1940-1949, usa: military: historical, ~medicine: historical, ~military (misc), ~world war ii

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