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Lethality of Martial Arts vs Lethality of a Edge-based Weapon

Search terms: "lethality of martial arts" "mortality of martial arts" "lethality of martial arts injuries" "mortality of martial arts injuries" <-- which basically told me "durr, you idiot, of course they are"

Basically, the question is this: let's say an expert in (EDIT: unarmed) martial arts and an expert in using a bladed-weapon (swords, knives, etc) go off to face a squad of enemies (who all have various states of protective armory and/or weaponry). No guns.

In the bloodbath that follows, victims from which expert are more likely to be dead or have mortal wounds?

I was all set to write that the expert with bladed weapon would more likely leave dead people, because otherwise humanity would never have invented swords, but martial arts also have the ability to leave people In States Of Great Dying Distress, so now I am not so sure. Would a leg all shattered to pieces due to a kick be as lethal as having the leg cut off? Etc.

Martial arts style in question would probably be closest to, or combination of, tae kwon do, karate, or some form focusing on punches and kicks and not throws or wrestling.

(I am fully prepared to be lambasted for the innate immaturity of this question.)
Tags: ~martial arts, ~weapons: swords
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