Rook the Librarian (gisho) wrote in little_details,
Rook the Librarian

Japanese honorifics, broken bones.

Erm, these two questions relate to two entirely different stories, by the way. Although they're both fanfic for the same series.

1) What are the appropriate uses of the Japanese honorifics '-fujin' and '-gozen', and under what circumstances would it be appropriate to address someone as each? More specifically, could a married woman in her late twenties, who had taken her husband's family name when they married, be addressed as '[family name]-fujin'? If her husband was an important nobleman, would '[family name]-gozen' be appropriate? Even if those usages are innapropriate today, might they have been used several hundred years ago, or might they be used by someone who was being archaic to be humourous or to make a point?

2) Could a woman in her late twenties of average strength and good health, who was very angry at the time, break the arm of a six-or-seven year old boy, who is small for his age and probably has not eaten well for most of his life, with her bare hands, or would she need some sort of blunt instrument or surface to throw him against?

ETA: If a 'spiral fracture' was left untreated expect by primitive first-aid - an attempt to straighten out teh arm and some sort of splint - what would its short-term (ie, for about a year out) effects on the boy's ability to use the arm be?

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