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Navajo (Dine) Names

I have three characters in my YA novel who are traditional Navajos.  Twin boy and girl, age 12, and their mother's mother.

I need to know as much as possible about Navaho (Dine') names.  Especially, when someone has a "anglo" name they use daily and a secret name used within the family.  Is the secret name given when the baby first laughs or at a later ceremony? Also, within the family, how will traditional Navahos generally address one another?  Will grandchildren address their mother's mother as Ma'sani? How would twins (boy and girl) address one another?  When would the secret name be used?

My story is set in present day- kids are 12, family is Traditional Navajo, set all over the place

I googled navajo names, navaho names, dine names, dineh names, navajo naming ceremony, navajo naming ritual, navajo name traditions, etc.  Got baby names sites and some info, but not specific enough
Tags: ~languages: navajo, ~names, ~native americans

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