0phiomancer (0phiomancer) wrote in little_details,

Falling and Head Trauma

Scenario: A man who has been drinking heavily falls backward off of a step-stool, or object of similar height, and hits his head on the edge of a low-lying piece of furniture. He has head trauma.

My question is: What kind?

For the sake of the story, I would like it to cause a loss of consciousness spanning at least a few hours. I would ideally like to throw in some kind of skull fracture, but my Google-fu is failing me in regard to figuring out if a skull fracture sustained from a fall of this height is even plausible in a non-geriatric adult(most of what I'm turning up involves vehicular collisions and accidents involving children), and if it is, what kind of fracture it would probably be, and where on the head it would most likely be located.

I'm ideally looking for something that is life-threatening without appropriate medical care, but not likely to cause long-term impairment if that care is received.

Can this sort of fall provide me with the emergency scenario that I'm looking for, or do I need to throw my poor character off of a balcony to get the job done?

Not looking for any in-depth symptoms, more a general idea of the plausibility of my scenario, particularly in regard to the skull fracture, as well as the most likely type/location of said fracture, if plausible.
Tags: ~medicine: injuries: head injuries

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