Agent Tomato (agent_tomato) wrote in little_details,
Agent Tomato

Shot in the leg

I hate to add to the long list of gunshot questions already in the community, but I've gone back a ways and have not found what I'm looking for, so...

Setting: On a ship, in a harbor, in a fantasy universe based predominantly on eighteenth-century Europe, with a tiny bit of early nineteenth. (Setting is not the same as my icon. Icon is there because it looks pretty.)
Searched: assorted combinations of the words "gunshot," "leg," "injury," and so forth. Have also read most of the gunshot questions in this comm.

Situation: A physically fit woman in her twenties, who is used to manual labor, is shot in the lower leg by a single-shot flintlock pistol, from a reasonable distance. It is about five minutes before the ship's surgeon, a very competent doctor, can see to her. He has in the sick bay and dispensary any supplies that might usually be in such a place. How would he go about treating her, and what would her recovery entail?

Thank you for any help.
Tags: 1700s (no decades given), ~medicine: historical, ~medicine: injuries: gunshot wounds

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