toxyourxassmar (toxyourxassmar) wrote in little_details,

WWII Combat Medic Training

I'm writing a story about a paratrooper division of the army in WWII in about 1943, and one of my characters is a combat medic.  I'm wondering what sort of special training they would have to receive, and if they were selected randomly or had to have some sort of previous experience. Also, could they come from drafted men or would they have to be volunteers?  I did a bit of google research, looking for "combat medic training" and "medics wii" and I didn't end up finding much that makes sense, even after digging around.  My apologies if the answers to my questions are extremely easy to find and I just missed them.

Basically, I'm wondering how combat medics were selected, trained, and assigned to a certain part of the military.  Basically anything related to these questions would be really helpful.
Tags: 1940-1949, ~medicine (misc), ~world war ii

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