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Fatal broken neck, causes and symptoms.

Time: 1969 (relevant? I don't know)

Search terms: "broken neck signs", "broken neck symptoms", "broken neck fatal",
Tags: Head injuries, broken bones

This kind of ties into a question I asked back last August. Same story, same injuries - for the most part. I've only realised that for my last chapter to make sense, I need to make sure that everything matches up.

A young man has been in a car accident with several of his friends, with his side/section of the car taking the brunt of the impact, and predictably causing him a good deal of injuries. He has a broken leg and his head impacted with the side window. He had been sleeping, his face towards the driver, but after the car spinning out and crashing, his head jerks around and crashes against the window. Combined with the boulder they crash into, the window breaks and he winds up with rock abrasion and glass all over the right side of his face, with excessive bleeding. From what I've found so far, any injuries above the C5 may result in death. It is my intention that he does "die", but the twist with my (supernatural/horror) story is that he is alive. When he gets to a hospital, some six or eight hours later, some staff member - nurse or doctor - mentions to one of his friends that he should have died.

Would this side-to-side whiplash cause death, with or without the additional head trauma?

I've also been finding information on symptoms of broken necks, but discussing them under non-fatal conditions. How would the symptoms on broken necks differ, from non-fatal vs. fatal? At the hospital he will take an x-rays, which would see the internal damage done to his neck, but what would be noticed by a non-professional?

Please and thank you.
Tags: ~medicine: injuries (misc), ~medicine: injuries: broken bones

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