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Blood Alcohol Content and Alcoholics

Setting: 2025, England, Harry Potter Canon.

Character: 35, Male, 190lbs+/-, does regular hard/moderate exercise, heavy drinker for something like 15 years, the type of alcoholic who constantly needs ethanol in his blood to prevent withdrawals/DTs, has a genetic predisposition to alcoholism as well as a genetic and aquired tolerance.

Questions: How high would his BAC reading be approximately for a ‘maintenance’ level of alcohol? (Not enough to get him drunk, enough to stop withdrawal. I’ve had one site tell me 0.10, another 0.20.) On his maintenance level, how many standard drinks would he be able to drink on top of that before getting buzzed/tipsy/drunk?

Searches Used:
BAC, alcoholism, alcoholic, alcoholism and BAC, alcoholic and BAC, maintenance alcoholic BAC, and some variations. I’ve been looking this up for over a week so I forget all the search terms I used. I just tend to get pages on the effects of alcohol and the BAC levels for regular people.

(I hope that covers all the information I need to provide. New poster. ^^;)

ETA: Tags.

Tags: ~booze, ~medicine: human physiology, ~recreational drugs

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