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Nightclub Rules in 1946 Chicago

My story is taking place in 1946, in Chicago, Illinois. It's in a nightclub, not too nice but not exactly slumming it.

The entire story takes place in the club, told from the point of view of the torch singer and an apprentice PI who is infatuated with her. She's massively popular and fills the club to capacity. I was writing along and said a line to the effect of "there were so many people standing just to watch her that some fire code or another must be in violation." Or something.

I know that this is prior to the hospital fire in Chicago so there weren't THAT many if any codes, but were there any rules about how many people could be in a business for safety or other reasons? Just a curiosity because I like the implication that she can draw in so many people but if not then I'll have to figure out another way of saying it.
Tags: 1940-1949, usa: illinois

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